A conversation between two liars?

It’s been said that the interview process is a conversation between two liars: The candidate, who wants to impress with their skills and experience, and The Client, who wants to promote the value of joining their company.

Unfortunately, this is often the case, and personally, I’ve seen the ‘embellishment’ of people’s roles on LinkedIn that I have interviewed in the past, and in my consulting activities, I have seen the same issues within organisations, where the culture of the business does not meet the values described in an interview process.

Neither of these cases is beneficial to either party.

The truth of a candidate’s history is easily identified with a structured interview process incorporating background research, assessment and targeted reference checks.

Likewise, a cursory meeting with a few of the key employees in the business can tell a candidate whether or not a company lives up to its values.

The point is this:

There is no value in embellishing either your experience or your company’s values.

Honesty through the selection process ensures the right fit between an individual and an organisation. My process has always been rather direct – some would say blunt!

However, when you’re having a real conversation about people’s lives or the businesses they’ve built, you can truly understand how someone will add value to a role.

Jobs to us are not just jobs; they tell a story about someone’s life and their impact. They should have that same level of importance to everyone.

Real conversations result in better job matches and a more interesting experience all around. 

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” 

Oscar Wilde

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