Meet our lead consultant

Nick Chandler

Nick has spent over 17 years working in management consulting, organisational development and executive recruitment.

Nick is often engaged when an organisation is going through significant change, establishing key metrics for high performance, benchmarking these through assessment and sourcing appropriate individuals to fit the organisation’s culture and value system.

Nick’s approach involves understanding the outcomes required of an individual in a senior role and how to attract a high performer to fit those requirements.


Blending this with the culture of the organisation, and the particular teams they are managing, is critical in ensuring the best possible fit between the individual and the business.

Graduating from the University of New South Wales in Social Science, Nick’s structured background in research helps to construct a valid and reliable end-to-end selection methodology.

He has managed executive search assignments at CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, GM, Executive and Non-Executive Director levels.

To talk through your requirements, you can email Nick Chandler directly or call +61 407 008 784.