Chandler Executive Consulting

We identify and select Chief Executives, General Managers and Senior Managers.

Finding Standout Talent

Our initial research processes make us more effective than other recruiters. We take the guesswork out of Executive Recruitment.

Our Clients Focus On Fit

Finding the right candidate is not about getting the best performer. It is about getting the best performer for YOU.

Executive Recruitment that Maximises Perfomance

We believe that every employer is different. Your culture, traditions and processes are unique. Finding the right Senior Executive for your organisation isn’t about finding a Candidate that dazzled in another organisation. It is about finding a candidate who will be a top performer in yours.

We work across all industries, with particular focus on; health, government, member services, professional services, recruitment, electrical distribution & engineering.

We recruit at CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, GM and Executive Director levels.


Starting with your unique needs

A candidate can be an exceptional performer, but a poor fit for  your unique company. Chandler Executive starts forensically with your organisation and the job role.

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Tried and tested methods

We map the behavioral competencies necessary for high performance in your unique business environment. This is a major focus of our successful process and the part that our clients appreciate makes the difference.

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Over 65 years of combined success

Our consultants blend an understanding of commercial imperatives with measurement of key behaviours in candidates to ensure a strong match with job competencies.

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Get your next hire right

If you have an important hire to get right, get in touch for an informal conversation